At Gatopardo we like telling stories. For fifteen years we’ve consolidated a position as one of Mexico and Latin America’s most respected publications, a landmark of good journalism: our pages have hosted today’s best writers and photographers and the quality of the stories we tell is recognized throughout the region. We believe in deep, narrative and innovative journalism. No matter what the issue or theme, we always adopt a wide-ranging perspective on everything that is most relevant. This is journalism with substance, at one of the few magazines that combines chronicles, profiles and reportage.

Recent years have brought us some of journalism and publishing’s most important prizes and recognitions, such as the Walter Reuter German Journalism Prize (2013), the Gabriel García Márquez Prize for journalism awarded by the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (2013, 2010 and 2008), the “Best General Interest Magazine” award from the Mexican National Publishing Industry Association (2013), the Simón Bolívar journalism prize (2006, 2003 and 2001) as well as the Beacon Press Best (2001).

With Gatopardo we began a whole new era in Latin American journalism and now we have more space than ever for both the best brands and the best culture. This has given birth to Atelier, the section whose obsession is superlative fashion, fragrance, automotive, travel, wine and spirits, restaurants, stores, nightlife and gentlemen’s accessories. Elsewhere, the Portafolio section offers a new take on cultural journalism.

Who Reads Gatopardo?
Contemporary readers find everything they’re looking for in Gatopardo: style, luxury, current events and analysis, in Mexico and abroad, plus relevant information and great well told stories.

Our readers are educated and well traveled, familiar with the most exclusive pleasures. Gatopardo’s pages reaffirm the taste of those that read them in an irresistible mix of intelligence and sophistication.

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