Valor and Valor Corporativo

Our longstanding partnership with Banamex takes on an expanded scope in 2015 with the launch of Valor and Valor Corporativo magazines, targeting Grupo Financiero Banamex’s premium clientele.
Valor is aimed at men and women who enjoy Mexico’s highest spending power—private and legacy banking customers as well as Citi Beyond and Citi Prestige cardholders. In turn, Valor Corporativo reaches corporate banking clients—the nation’s captains of industry and its biggest decision-makers—directly.
We present readers with an intelligent publication that features the business, economics and finance world’s biggest stories at the same time we report on current events. We showcase perspectives from the world’s biggest movers and shakers, then season the mix with a fascinating dose of Travesías travel, luxury, automotive, philanthropy, art and lifestyle expertise.
Valor and Valor Corporativo are celebrated for the editorial rigor that underlies their every aspect as well as their exclusive, luxury design sense.

Who reads Valor and Valor Corporativo?
Valor and Valor Corporativo are 100% controlled-circulation magazines aimed at the men and women who enjoy Mexico’s very highest buying power. Our readers like to travel and have the time and money to do it. They stay on top of art and luxury—but they also stay smart. They know Mexico’s business and high-society milieus from the inside out.