Local Edición Gastronomía with Bombay


They say we are what we eat. If this saying has any truth to it, then the city where we live and the streets where we move would inevitably form a map to chart our character, our tastes, our passions and obsessions, our purest essence. Thus, the printed edition of Local, especial de gastronomía, is a kind of portrait, or culinary cartography. In its pages, readers will find a selection of features and stories in which the protagonists are the flavors and the people behind them.


Bombay's campaign was focused on creativity. The brand’s target audience was very similar to that of Local.mx. We carefully analyzed the core ideas of the campaign to develop a comprehensive annual strategy.

The solution:

With the brand’s core ideas to communicate, and the tag line Stir Creativity, we defined a content plan that included printed presence with the joint creation of the back cover and a special section inside, plus a year of digital content focused on strengthening the brand’s creative concept, and the sponsorship of six Miércoles de Local, events for 80 people with good music and good food at different venues in Mexico City.