Vancouver todo el año: primavera, verano, otoño e invierno


With mild winters and cool summers, Vancouver is one of those corners of the planet where it’s fine to visit in every season because temperatures are always “just right”. That’s why, no matter the time of year, travelers can find activities with that combination between nature and cosmopolitan urbanism characteristic of this city. Not surprisingly, this is the ideal destination for those who enjoy the great outdoors, from a walk through the forest to the most extreme sports afforded by the winter season. So, no matter which season of the year you choose, you can experience and enjoy this city all year round.


The Vancouver tourist office needed to communicate that while travelers often choose to come in winter, the destination can have appeal in any season of the year. Tourism from Mexico grows every year but is concentrated in certain seasons.

The solution:

We created a Vancouver expert guide for all seasons and upgraded the Vancouver microsite on Travesías with activities and videos for every month of the year. The guide was sent to our subscribers and the most prominent travel agents in the country. Furthermore, we created a digital communication plan on all our platforms and on the print version of Travesías magazine to strengthen Vancouver's year-round message.