Viajar y comer por México Citibanamex Banca Privada y Patrimonial edition


A book from the Travesías collection with five routes across 17 states and dozens of restaurants, diners, taquerías, street-food stalls, markets, and cantinas to discover Mexico’s rich gastronomic culture. Working with a group of experts who traveled through different areas of the country, we published this guide that celebrates the best of national cuisine, from Ensenada to Merida.


Create a collectible book to be used as a gift for Citibanamex Banca Privada y Patrimonial customers looking for unique experiences in Mexico.

The solution:

For more than 10 years, we have been producing a collection of travel books about Mexico, in partnership with Citibanamex Banca Privada y Patrimonial. Every year we seek to explore a different angle of the country's endless attractions. In addition to books, we created a digital platform for their customers, where they can access all our travel advice in Mexico, using geolocation.